Technical Description

Textual and spatial data from the documentation of past exhibitions at galerie frank elbaz are used as inputs to an AI-driven software that determines the positions of newly built walls in the gallery space. The walls will change location every day during the duration of the exhibition, based on the AI directions. 
One past exhibition is randomly selected as a data source for each day. 
The textual data consist of the exhibition press release and the spatial data consist of the exact 2D layout of the exhibition on a gallery floorplan. 
The system uses ChatGPT AI that analyses the press release text through custom-engineered prompts, designed to extract numerical values that will represent a gravitational force applied to walls at their last positions in order to calculate their new positions. 
A unique force vector is calculated for each wall according to their spatial relationship with the 2D floorplan. 
The calculated force is projected to walls by an algorithm that calculates their movement according to real-world physics rules and produces new positions for each wall. 
The instructions for the new wall positions and the exact time for applying the changes are delivered to the gallery staff each morning at 8:00 a.m. 
Walls will be moved to their new positions during gallery opening hours as part of the exhibition.

Tomislav Pokrajčić