About the Untitled 2022/2023

What if software, a supposedly intelligent software, creates new conditions for us by setting up the rules we ought to live by? A process that has already invisibly encroached on our everyday lives, interpreted by Tomo Savić-Gecan manifests in pop-up performances, in which performers activating the artwork are present wherever the AI system directs them.
First, the lead story from a randomly selected global news source provides the data that feeds an artificial intelligence algorithm, which in turn prescribes the time, location, duration, movements, and thoughts of a group of performers to constitute Untitled 2022/2023.
The algorithm decides. The performers follow. Thus the question arises: Who controls whom? Is this still a human-driven world? An artificial intelligence could feed on any information and generate something new, whether an image, a sequence of movements or sounds. Yet, in this case, a news item from an online media outlet is chosen, in order to point at the manipulative power of media. Journalism is not neutral. It has never been, but in our contemporary reality that is driven by algorithms. Facts and objectivity are obfuscated, while user-generated content that often comes along with disinformation is being mined and monetised.

Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás